Xriba is Diamond Sponsor of Crypto Coinference 2021, the third edition of the main Italian conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, staged at the FICO in Bologna on May.

“Those who work in the crypto and blockchain field cannot fail to know Crypto Coinference, a unique place where they can present their projects and their company to a very high level audience” – comments Federico Pacilli, President and Commitee Member of Xriba Association – “Entrepreneurs not only have the opportunity to present their projects and create business, but they can also meet new realities in a continuously developing sector. If you don’t want to be left behind, it is essential to participate in events like this”.

Francesco Redaelli and Federico Lagni, organizers of Crypto Coinference, announce the postponement of the conference to 2022. Due to the current government provisions required by law – by the ministries of competence in the field of Covid19 for indoor events and conferences – it is not possible to even remotely welcome all subscribers.

The third edition is therefore postponed to May 2022 and to this is added a digital stage on 26 and 26 January, to immediately experience a day with all the experts in the crypto and blockchain sector.

At Crypto Coinference 2022, Gianluca Massini Rosati, Supporting Member of Xriba Association, as well as President of Soluzione Tasse, will present the news of Xriba. In particular, he will address the issue of “Crypto and Taxes”, which he knows very well thanks to his experience in this field.

Furthermore, he will present to the conference attendees the Xriba product related to crypto taxation, which helps and solves the problems of businesses related to the reconciliation of crypto transactions in traditional financial statements expressed in fiat currency.