The first version of Xriba DAO is about to be released. In the previous article, we discussed the stages that will comprise the DAO decision-making process, as well as the functions that each of these stages will perform:

  • The debate phase
  • The proposal phase
  • The poker planning
  • The voting phase
  • The roadmap’s release phase

In this article, we will go over the first and most important stage of Xriba’s DAO decision-making process: the debate phase.

The debate phase allows users and developers to discuss their own ideas and propose them to others before they are put to a vote.
This is the only phase that does not take place on the DAO application, but rather on a forum that the Xriba Association is preparing, with a duration independent of the DAO voting sprint.

This stage is especially important because it allows voters’ ideas to develop, structure, and be shared before they are put to the vote. Indeed, the proposals put to vote during the DAO sprint will be unmodifiable, and you will only be able to cast one vote in favour of or against them.

It becomes necessary for users to freely confront one another, swap ideas, opinions, and propose changes to ideas proposed by others, comment on them, and revise them.

Furthermore, the blockchain development roadmaps approved by the DAO will have a fixed duration, so any proposals that are approved must be implemented by the end of the roadmap.

The goal of the discussion phase is to allow users and developers to collaborate by combining ideas in smaller steps of development. Without this stage of discussion, it would be impossible to realize large-scale ideas with a longer time horizon than the roadmap.

This preliminary discussion will lead to a vote on more specific development steps, thanks to the format for structuring ideas that will be available on the forum and to the moderation of Xriba Association members.