Xriba Bridge


What is Xriba Bridge?

Xriba Bridge it’s dapp that works to swap Xriba Token from Ethereum to other chains and vice versa making the token interoperable.

The bridge consists of a series of smart contracts between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum that communicate and cooperate, allowing you to deposit XRA from the Ethereum network and withdraw XRA on other networks.


XRA Supply

The total supply remains the original one and is guaranteed thanks to a locking and unlocking mechanism: to receive XRA tokens on another network it is in fact necessary that the same quantity of tokens have been previously blocked on the Ethereum network.



Cheaper Chains

Reduce the fees of token transactions if swapped to cheaper chains.


Reduce the impact of Ether price on the price of the token


Allow to access other blockchains with their dapps and their users.


It's totally decentralized, everything its on blockchain

Not Tokenized

It's not tokenized and users have to pay nothing more apart from blockchain transaction fees
How it works

What is the purpose of the Xriba Bridge?

How use it

How to use the bridge to swap from Ethereum to BSC?


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