Dear Xriba Community,

I am honored to be part of this ambitious project that was born with the aim of growing the users of blockchain technology worldwide. It is a revolution within a wider revolution. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have entered our lives and we are at the dawn of an unprecedented mass adoption; the timing is right to finally create a definitive bridge between what we could call the traditional world and the blockchain.
As it happened for the old economy and the new economy, or the set of digital businesses that overlapped with offline ones, today the same dynamic is about to take place with the blockchain.

The conditions must be created to let these worlds speak and the Xriba Association was born with this goal:

“Crypto in every financial statement,
every financial statement on blockchain “

We are in the early stages of an epochal turning point! Surely you have heard the news some time ago that Tesla Inc., a company led by Elon Musk, declared that it accepted Bitcoin payments for the sale of its cars. Many companies have closely followed this example and it is foreseeable that this news will become a symbol that will generate a domino effect for all companies in the world. We think that every individual will not only accept payments in cryptocurrencies, not only will they have the need to report them on the balance sheet but we are convinced that new interaction models will be created completely based on the blockchain.

The Xriba Association is here to be the leader in this important transformation. For this purpose, the Association will create its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to involve all token holders in decisions and development roadmaps. Furthermore it will help to create the Xriba Side Chain, the first interoperable blockchain that joins the main blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum and others) which will aim to help business operators to enter the blockchain world.

Introduce companies and individuals to use the blockchain and at the same time provide tools that allow them to comply with national tax regulations and reporting, especially in those countries where this issue has not yet been explored. Many business operators show reticence precisely because they do not have the right tools to create the accounting processes of blockchain transactions.

The main focus of the Association is accounting and the need to report all blockchain transactions respecting the accounting rules and compliance of each country but at the same time we also want to create new information decentralization models in which companies make transparent their own data for the benefit of all stakeholders. Being the real owners of the data they produce, all the companies will have the opportunity to be remunerated if someone uses their data, unlike what happens today.

A quote credited to the sixteenth president of the United States of America, President Abraham Lincoln, states:
“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

To achieve this goal we need the help and support from everyone: the token holders, project leaders, the entire operational and development team, the Ambassadors, all the members of the Association and in general anyone who believes in blockchain technology. All together.

Federico Pacilli
Committee Member and President