The members of Xriba Association are teams with strong technical and marketing capabilities, as well as management control and leadership. The Ambassador’s group is the association’s pride; they make a difference when working with banks, companies, and institutions, and grow the organization every day.

Today is the turn of Soluzione Tasse.

Who is Soluzione Tasse

Soluzione Tasse is the first consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and professionals pay less taxes and protect their assets legally.
It brings within small companies the same tax planning tools previously reserved for large multinationals.
Some of the main services:

  • Fiscal and Tax Consultancy (Check-up / Tutoring);
  • Wealth Consultancy;
  • Account management;
  • Legal Solution (Legal Advice);
  • Welfare Solution (Labor Consultancy):

A fast growing group of companies

Soluzione Tasse is a group active in business consultancy for Italian SMEs and listed since November 2021 on Euronext Growth Milan, recorded a consolidated turnover of approximately 27 million euros in 2021, up 42.59% compared to the same period last year. (€ 18.935 million), with an EBITDA of approximately € 2.6 million, up by approximately 90% compared to 2020. The tax division, which has a pool of 25 professionals, recorded growth of + 25% compared to 2020. Quantico Business Club, a networking project for entrepreneurs, exceeded 500 members in 2021 and recorded almost 1.3 million euros in turnover. Corporate Credit, launched last year, recorded approximately 1.25 million euros in turnover. Quantico Business Consulting, born in April 2021, in the first 9 months of activity had a production value of approximately 1.1 million euros.

Who is a Xriba Ambassador?

Ambassador members are companies that identify themselves with the vision of the association and have decided to join the association by providing their expertise and commitment to help the association grow the Xriba ecosystem by contributing to its governance.
As members of the Association, they participate in all crucial votes through the General Meeting, a body formed by all members, actively participating in the life of the Association.

How to become a Xriba Ambassador?

Any legal body wishing to join the organisation must submit an official application via email. At this point, the executive committee will make an initial assessment of whether the candidate has the merits, skills and commitment to be part of the association’s governance. This means that the activities carried out by the candidate must be in line with the vision of the association, that it has demonstrated that he/she has contributed to the Xriba ecosystem or that it has resources that can contribute to its growth in the future.

After this phase, the Executive Committee verifies that the candidate has the necessary XRA, which for Ambassadors amounts to 500,000 XRA tokens.
Finally, a vote will be taken by the General Meeting to admit the candidate based on the Executive Committee’s investigation.