Our Milestones

Xriba ltd Foundation - XribaBooks Launch of MVP
2018 - Q2
Xriba ltd - Whitepaper Token XRA - Private sale
2018 - Q3
Token XRA - Listing on Bitfinex
2018 - Q4
XribaBooks - Launch of v1.0
2019 Q3
XribaBooks - 2000 Licences Milestone
2020 - Q2
dAPP - Development dAPP
2021 - Q1
Xriba Bridge - Connection between Ethereum and BSC
2021 - Q2
Xriba Association - Foundation Xriba Association - Whitepaper v1.0 and website realise
2021 - Q4
Xriba Association - DAO Launch Token XRA - New token economy and listing on Young Platform
2022 - Q1
Xriba Sidechain - Development
2022 - Q4
xriba technology


Blockchaining the Accounting

Bringing traditional businesses’ accounting to the blockchain will have a significant impact on the compliance process certifying all the accounting and reporting information. This will make accounting information non-repudiable, inalterable and will bring accounting transparency to another level by letting everyone verify the information the company makes public.

Accounting the blockchain

on its individuals and businesses.Due to the uncertainty of the regulatory framework and the lack of clear guidelines on how to conduct tax reporting to declare your crypto assets, it is necessary to contact an accountant, who, in addition to being underprepared in the crypto field, also has significant difficulties producing detailed reports efficiently due to the inadequacy of traditional reporting systems.