In this guide, we’ll go over the components that make up the bridge’s web pages and follow through each of the steps required to move the XRA from one network to another. You can also watch a walkthrough video that demonstrates how to transfer your XRA from the Ethereum network to the BSC network.



Website overview

The bridge is divided into three web pages: Home, Withdraw, and Help.
On the Home page, you can read about the operation of the two Vault smart contracts that allow the Bridge to function. On the left there are informations about the smart contract that is active on the Ethereum network, and on the right there are the informations related to the smart contract that is active on the Binance Smart Chain. This enables users to view the number of XRA coins that are locked on one smart contract and not on the other.

By clicking on the address of a smart contract you can verify the information and view the transactions made to the two vaults through Etherscan ( and BSCscanner (
The sum of the blocked tokens is always equal to 275 million XRA, guaranteeing the total supply of the XRA token.

The Withdrawal page, accessed by clicking on the navigation menu at the top right, displays a list of deposits made on one network but not yet withdrawn on the other.

Lastly, there are some relevant FAQs for Bridge’s users on the Help page.

The XRA swap process

To use the bridge, you must first have XRA stored in your Metamask wallet, whether it is on the Ethereum or BSC network.

Before you go to the Bridge page, you should take some actions:

  • open your Metamask wallet;
  • install the BSC network on the wallet;
  • add the XRA token contract to the BSC network (0x83ec54a56fea7c7ccd2e65a4839dee1707206164).

This will make the swap easier and less likely to result in errors.

After opening the Bridge page, connect the Metamask wallet by clicking one of the two icons at the bottom of the screen. If you want to shift your XRA from the Ethereum network to the BSC network, click the left button, and vice versa.

At this moment, you will see your XRA and ETH or BNB balance.
Whether the switch occurs from the Ethereum network to the BSC network or the opposite, you have to pay transaction fees on both blockchains: on one blockchain to deposit and on the other to withdraw.

To begin, enter the amount of XRA that you want to transfer to the other chain, and we recommend checking the box “Download the secret”.

Usually the secret, whose purpose has been disclosed here (How the ETH-BSC bridge allows XRA to be interoperable), is automatically downloaded to the memory of your web browser. If you want to log in with another browser, or if your browser’s memory is lost for any reason before withdrawing your deposit, you will no longer be able to retrieve the information required for swapping and withdrawal. So it’s better to download it, so that even if the secret is not automatically downloaded to the browser, you will have access to the cryptographic information required to make the withdrawal.

Start your first swap

At this stage, you must ensure that you have the minimum quantity of BNB or ETH required to transfer your XRA from one network to another. This amount is given under the sentence “Minimum amount to swap 1 XRA” and represents the sum of ETH and BNB without which the bridge operations cannot be completed.

Click the “Start the swap” button to start the swap.

At this point, a Meta mask pop-up will appear, displaying the cost of the first transaction.
Accept the transaction and wait for it to propagate over the network and be accepted.

When this has propagated, Metamask will reappear in a pop-up window and prompt you to confirm the second transaction, which is the deposit of XRA into the Ethereum smart contract vault.

Once the second transaction it’s registered in the blockchain, the Bridge’s Withdraw page will instantly appear, and if you have checked the box that permits you to download the secret, it will be downloaded simultaneously.

On the withdraw page, you will be able to see all of the XRA swaps requested by your associated wallet that are still pending, in other words that have not been withdrawn yet.
As previously said, if you lost the memory of my web browser or if you are not connected with the same wallet address from which you made the deposit, you would not be able to see and access any information. In this instance, connect with the correct wallet address and/or upload the secret required.

There is an arrow symbol pointing down “˅” next to each deposit on the withdrawal page. It’s possible to perform the following activities by clicking:

  • You can click “Complete the Swap” to proceed to the withdrawal on the other network.
  • You can cancel the switch to the other network by clicking “Revert the swap” (in this case, the ETH or BNB spent to make the transactions will not be returned because they were spent to register the deposit on the smart contract, and you will have to spend coins again to get the deposit back)
  • You can download the secret again.

To perform the withdrawal, open Metamask and select the network from which you wish to withdraw your XRA. For example if you want to swap to the BSC network, you must first change the network from Ethereum to BSC.

When you click the “Withdraw” button, Metamask will reopen and ask you to complete the XRA withdrawal transaction. When the blockchain transaction is confirmed, you can check your wallet to verify if your XRA has been deposited. By reloading the bridge page, you will see that there are no more outstanding withdrawals, and the balance of smart contracts on the bridge homepage will be updated with your most recent transaction within a few minutes.

Now you know everything there is to know to swap your XRA from one network to another!
If you want to learn more about the mechanisms that allow the bridge to function, read this article (