Member responsibilities

All the members of Xriba Associations are responsible for developing and driving Xriba’s blockchain strategy to bring all the blockchain opportunities to the companies.

Every association’s members have the chance to express preferences on the definition of the future of the project and on the roadmap.

The members make up the association's two governing bodies: the General Meeting and the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee

The Committee is composed of at least 2 (two) individuals chosen by the Members, whereas at least half of it shall be chosen by the Founding Members.

The Committee shall self-constitute itself and appoint the President and Vice-President. It also appoints the Secretary. The accumulation of offices is permitted. The Association is represented towards third parties by the President, who has the right to individual signature. The Committee meets whenever necessary, normally once a month, on convocation by the President or Vice- President. The President shall also have the power to take autonomous decisions to safeguard the good functioning and interests of the Association.


The future DAO system

As soon as the Binance Smart Chain smart contract network is created and published, the association will vote on token economy rules, Sidechain roadmap and features, and dAPP development as a DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, with all proposals being voted on through the blockchain.


Association Principles

The Xriba Association directs the project's development basing on four main values:

Simple it’s better

The organization's goal is to establish a simple ecosystem, both in terms of interaction and services, that will allow the greatest number of users to participate in the Xriba community's activities and benefit from its goods.

Transparency it’s mandatory

Transparency and sharing are two words that come to mind when thinking of blockchain. The association makes Xriba's blockchain activity transparent, as well as providing news and regular updates on Xriba projects, the XRA token, and new collaborations and initiatives conducted by its founding members.

Interoperability is the key

There are a multitude of blockchains available today, each with its own ecosystem, potential, and supporters. The Xriba Association wants to make the Xriba ecosystem as interoperable as feasible so that it may reach as many projects and users as possible and get them involved in achieving its vision.

Hodlers are in charge

Blockchain is built on the principle of decentralization. Aware of this, the organization aims to boost the involvement of the Xribers community in the governance of blockchain innovations and the future Xriba sidechain through the DAO system and its communication activity.