The Xriba environment is always evolving. March 2022 rushed by. In today’s piece, we’ll look at what the association has been working on recently and what milestones have been reached.

Xriba Burning

The first burning of the year 2022 took place. This time, 4,547,566,81067542 XRA tokens worth $61,273.23 were burned at the time of burning.
The president, Federico Pacilli, announced the new burning during a webinar in which he also revealed the features of the DAO currently under test.

Xriba DAO

We ended the development of the BNB Chain smart contracts. Now the DAO dApp is online on BNB Chain testnet where it is being tested by our team to check that everything is working properly. We began work on a DAO Forum, which will be made public soon. Participants in the DAO will be able to chat, work on their proposals, and much more there.

Soon, an event will be announced in which the DAO will be made accessible to anyone!

The team

Every month the Xriba Association grows, new people come together to collaborate in the realization of our vision. In the previous month two new members took part in the Xriba Association team. Davide Campaglione started in March in Customer Care.
Matteo Venturi starts right now as a developer.

Xriba Association Dubai Networking

Federico Pacilli, the Association’s president, attended a number of blockchain-related events in Dubai in March. It was here that he met the founders and collaborators of many blockchain projects.

During the Binance Blockchain Week, the President was able to meet face to face with a number of key Binance stakeholders, with whom he is building stronger relationships.
There were also some CoinMarketCap managers there, with whom we are working to verify the XRA token’s Circulation Supply.

In addition, the president has met with supporters of many blockchains, including Ripple, Syscoin, Qtum, and Reef.

The Xriba environment is always evolving. To stay up to date, subscribe to the association’s Telegram channel and follow us on social media.