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A world of news is on its way – Xriba Association Update

The Xriba Association is pleased to announce the date of the Association's next webinar update. In this article, we will discover the date of the webinar as well as the topics that will be covered. 2021 Xriba Burning Event It's been three months since the first Xriba Association Burning Event, which took place on December 20, 2021. The webinar was…

New token economy launch and burning live event!

This will be the program of the event: Xriba Association Introduction ​​​​​​​Promote, grow and coordinate the Xriba ecosystem: the association’s mission on integrating accounting and blockchain   New token economy launch ​​​​​​​The new Token Economy and his functions: powering Xriba Sidechain and voting system in the future DAO system   Xriba Bridge ​​​​​​​Token interoperability: what is the Xriba Bridge and…

Webinar: Association Launch

Q3 update: the Association was created to promote the expansion of the project and the Xriba sidechain