Xriba Association DAO


What is Xriba DAO?

The Xriba Association's DAO is a decision-making protocol that enables for the decentralization of the Association's blockchain projects' governance. Thanks to the DAO, every Xriba stakeholder can now participate in the decision-making process proposing, discussing and voting new protocols and products of the blockchain Xriba Ecosystem. The DAO is divided into two parts: the DAO Forum (off-chain) and the DAO dApp (onchain).

DAO Governance

The DAO Elements

DAO Forum

The DAO Forum is the beating heart of the DAO discussion, where everything begins. All those interested in contributing to the development of blockchain projects can share their ideas, comment on the epics posted by others, and interact with the Association's blockchain developers, who will provide feedback and useful recommendations. Every proposal must be submitted on forum before being voted on the DAO dApp.

DAO dApp

The DAO's voting dApp is where the blockchain's magic happens; every action on the decentralized platform corresponds to a BNB Chain transaction, which will be signed with the DAO's own wallet, Metamask. On the dApp, there is the SPRINT, which is the cycle of proposal, vote, and approval that leads to the definition of development roadmaps.

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