Every company
on blockchain

The founders of the Xriba Association are firm believers in the advantages that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies may offer to businesses who use them. DeFi, blockchain timestamping, on-chain payments, and cryptographic signatures are a few examples of technology that can improve the day-to-day operations of businesses by decreasing bureaucracy and resolving problems that the current centralized system cannot solve.


Overcome the barriers to blockchain adoption by businesses

To achieve our vision, we must focus our daily efforts on creating an ecosystem of products and services that overcomes the existing barriers to business blockchain adoption:

  • The company lacks knowledge of the crypto realm.
  • The lack of blockchain technologies that comply with law requirements.
  • The difficulty and slowness of blockchain transactions.
  • Price volatility risk associated with cryptocurrency.
  • Complexity of dApps' user interfaces and operating procedures.


The Association

An ecosystem of solutions isn't enough to actualize Xriba's goal; trust is essential to the vision's success. As a result, it is critical to involve individuals who are directly affected by the accounting and blockchain integration.

The Xriba Association is a non-profit organization founded by Xriba Companies to decentralize the governance of the Xriba project's blockchain innovations, ensuring the ecosystem's transparency and success.

The association promotes initiatives to enhance ecosystem solutions, controls the Xriba token economy that feeds the ecosystem, and organizes all essential activities to inform, train, and coordinate Association members for an efficient decentralization of blockchain development governance.


Association Principles

The Xriba Association directs the project's development basing on four main values:

Simple it’s better

The organization's goal is to establish a simple ecosystem, both in terms of interaction and services, that will allow the greatest number of users to participate in the Xriba community's activities and benefit from its goods.

Transparency it’s mandatory

Transparency and sharing are two words that come to mind when thinking of blockchain. The association makes Xriba's blockchain activity transparent, as well as providing news and regular updates on Xriba projects, the XRA token, and new collaborations and initiatives conducted by its founding members.

Interoperability is the key

There are a multitude of blockchains available today, each with its own ecosystem, potential, and supporters. The Xriba Association wants to make the Xriba ecosystem as interoperable as feasible so that it may reach as many projects and users as possible and get them involved in achieving its vision.

Hodlers are in charge

Blockchain is built on the principle of decentralization. Aware of this, the organization aims to boost the involvement of the Xribers community in the governance of blockchain innovations and the future Xriba sidechain through the DAO system and its communication activity.