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To achieve our vision, we must focus our daily efforts on creating an ecosystem of products
and services that overcomes the existing barriers to business blockchain adoption.


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The Xriba Association's DAO is a decision-making protocol that enables every Xriba stakeholder the chance to propose, discuss and vote the development of new blockchain protocols and products.

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In order to overcome the current barriers to business blockchain adoption, a protocol that answers to business specific needs is essential. This is the Xriba chain, a business-specific blockchain protocol that will serve as the foundation of business specific dApps.
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Xriba Token (XRA) it’s the utility token that empowers the Xriba Ecosystem.
The XRA token is listed on various decentralized exchanges.
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General Update March 2022

The Xriba environment is always evolving. March 2022 rushed by. In today’s piece, we’ll look at what the association has been working on recently and what milestones have been reached. Xriba Burning The first burning of the year 2022 took place. This time, 4,547,566,81067542 XRA tokens worth $61,273.23 were burned at the time of burning. The president, Federico Pacilli, announced…

Xriba DAO the debate phase

The first version of Xriba DAO is about to be released. In the previous article, we discussed the stages that will comprise the DAO decision-making process, as well as the functions that each of these stages will perform: The debate phase The proposal phase The poker planning The voting phase The roadmap’s release phase In this article, we will go…


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