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Crypto in every financial statement, every financial statement on blockchain

Accounting the blockchain. Closing the gap between the traditional and blockchain worlds by giving the blockchain actors with the tools they need to adapt to the traditional world's compliance requirements.

Blockchaining the accounting. Automating accounting operations and certifying data in blockchain, ensuring that it is accurate, transparent, and safe.


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Blockchaining the Accounting

Bringing traditional businesses’ accounting to the blockchain will have a significant impact on the compliance process certifying all the accounting and reporting information. This will make accounting information non-repudiable, inalterable and will bring accounting transparency to another level by letting everyone verify the information the company makes public.

Accounting the blockchain

Due to the uncertainty of the regulatory framework and the lack of clear guidelines on how to conduct tax reporting to declare your crypto assets, it is necessary to contact an accountant, who, in addition to being underprepared in the crypto field, also has significant difficulties producing detailed reports efficiently due to the inadequacy of traditional reporting systems.
Utility Token

Token XRA

Xriba Token (XRA) it’s the utility token that empowers the Xriba Ecosystem.
The XRA token was launched on the Ethereum Blockchain using the ERC20 standard. A maximum of 275,000,000 XRA has been established as the token's total supply.


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In this tutorial we will find out what PancakeSwap is and how to buy XRA through its decentralized swap. PancakeSwap and decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange, or DEX as it is more often known. Unlike exchange platforms like Binance, where sales and purchases are handled centrally through a company’s servers, everything on a DEX is handled through blockchain…

Utrust: let’s get to know our Ambassadors

The members of Xriba Association are teams with strong technical and marketing capabilities, as well as management control and leadership. The Ambassador’s group is the association’s pride; they make a difference when working with banks, companies, and institutions, and grow the organization every day. Let’s get to know this special group starting from Utrust. The problem in traditional payments Online…


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New token economy launch and burning live event!

This will be the program of the event: Xriba Association Introduction ​​​​​​​Promote, grow and coordinate the Xriba ecosystem: the association’s mission on integrating accounting and blockchain   New token economy launch ​​​​​​​The new Token Economy and his functions: powering Xriba Sidechain and voting system in the future DAO system   Xriba Bridge ​​​​​​​Token interoperability: what is the Xriba Bridge and…


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